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In Other Words can provide accurate, readable and well-presented transcripts of a variety of audio content, including lectures, research interviews (academia, market research, medical), hearings, meetings, radio and television broadcasts, and many more. Transcripts are produced in Word and presented in a clear and readable format (or template provided by client), with speakers identified on the left and speech to the right. Transcripts are produced by an experienced professional transcriber, with excellent standards of written English. Specialist transcribers are available for specific disciplines. e.g. medical transcriptions. Two levels of transcription are offered:

  • Verbatim - word for word, all verbal and non-verbal utterances (e.g. er/erm, stutters, false starts) and repetition included, grammar, colloquialisms and slang left as spoken. 
  • Edited - polished and tidied up to remove non-verbal utterances, repetition, stuttering, false starts, interruptions and other non-meaningful speech. Spoken grammatical errors corrected to produce a readable document in fluent English.


Starting from £1.10 per audio minute, with 10p per min incremental surcharges for additional difficulty factors, such as: more than two voices (if speaker tracking is required); poor quality audio; strong accents; timestamps; other additional formatting requirements; faster turnaround time.

Transcripts will typically be returned 3 working days after booking is confirmed - for large volume or fast turnaround work, please enquire as to availability.

100% confidential and secure.