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Does your content need a little more 'pep' to make it pop? English not your first language? Something not quite flowing as it should, but you can longer see the wood for the trees? You need an editor!

A professional editor can ensure that your marketing copy strikes exactly the right tone; that your key message is effectively and appropriately conveyed; that your website content leaps off the page; that your blog or article captivate your audience; that your dialogue sounds natural, your prose is smooth, and, above all, that your writing looks as good on paper as it sounds in your head!

Stand out from the crowd by having your copy or writing edited by a professional who can ensure that your communication with your reader has exactly the desired effect. Various levels of editing are available:


Copyediting includes:

  • careful checking of grammar, punctuation, and language use;
  • language improvement where relevant;
  • edits to improve readability, clarity, and style;
  • breaking up sentences/paragraphs where needed;
  • highlighting of inaccurate, inappropriate, irrelevant, and inconsistent content;
  • ensuring consistency of spelling, style, and tone - especially where material is written by multiple authors;
  • raising queries where necessary;
  • some limited rewriting where specifically requested/especially needed;
  • provision (or updating, for repeat clients) of a style sheet detailing editorial decisions made (as standard for documents over 10,000 words, otherwise where requested). 

From £15.00 per 1,000 words


This involves substantial editing/rewriting of draft, dated, poorly written, or non-native text, and/or rewrites to achieve a specific tone, address a particular audience, and/or include certain keywords.

From £25.00 per 1,000 words

Developmental editing

Intended primarily for self-published and aspiring authors, my developmental editing service provides in-depth advice and guidance in developing and shaping a (typically longer) piece of writing, including comments on plot, characterisation, pacing, dialogue, structure, and style.

Quoted on an individual basis. Read more about my author packages and services here.