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Academic proofreading & editing

Academic writing is a very specific and demanding task, and it is important to present your ideas in a clear, considered, and formal academic manner. In addition to all the usual requirements for good and fluent English, there are a number of additional standards and idiosyncrasies that are unique to English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Close attention must be paid to ensure tone and language is appropriate not only for academia in general but also for specific fields, which frequently have their own styles and standards. 

Ease some of the pressure by having your work checked by a UK-native postgraduate with two first class degrees, and extensive experience working with EFL and international students to ensure that non-fluent English speakers will never be at a disadvantage when submitting work to a UK or other English-speaking university.

I can work with submissions of all types, from essays and dissertations to PhD theses, postdoctoral research, journal articles, and book chapters, and am familiar with most referencing styles. Two levels of service are available:

Academic proofreading

Suitable for native or high proficiency English speakers, and those looking for a final ‘polish’ and refinement of their text.

Includes: correction of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and syntax errors; minor edits/suggestions to improve clarity and readability; standardisation/correction of tense and personhood; edits for consistency of formatting and style; highlighting of any unclear passages; some formalising of language to ensure appropriate academic tone.

From £12.50 per 1,000 words.

Academic editing* 

Recommended for non-native English speakers and those looking for more comprehensive assistance and/or targeted editing with a specific focus, i.e. length reduction, identification of repetition.

Includes all of the above, plus: identification of ambiguities, contextual errors, inconsistencies and weak argumentation; minor restructuring for fluency, sense-making, and readability; edits/comment to ensure coherence and academic rigour; identification/removal of repetition/redundant content; specific use of comments to identify areas of weakness/potential improvement; correction of referencing errors and highlighting of missing citation information. 

From £15.00 per 1,000 words. 


* Please note: for papers that are to be submitted for credit, universities typically permit proofreading by an external individual who is not enrolled on the course, using tracked changes to mark suggested edits, to be approved by the author. However, please check the specific guidelines of your institution to ensure you are compliant.